If you've ever seen the unholy terror that is their mascot, then you know the NBA's New Orleans Pelicans are used to a certain amount of embarrassment. But they weren't content to settle for just an ugly bird. The team sold the naming rights to the New Orleans Arena this week ... to Smoothie King.

Now, there's nothing at all wrong with Smoothie King. It's a perfectly fine establishment with tasty beverages. And it's probably a smart business move for them to buy the naming rights to a professional arena. Can't fault them for that.

But brother, won't it strike fear into the hearts of the Pelican's opponents to know they'll have to come play in the dreaded ... Smoothie King Center.

I mean, yikes, guys. It's not like The Pelicans are exactly racking up championships or anything. Can't they at least have the dignity of continuing to play at the New Orleans Arena, which at least sounds like it might have a basketball court instead of a food court.

WWL's Steve Geller gets points for bringing some wit to the proceedings:

tested all of its ingredients to make sure it was compliant with what athletes in all leagues could ingest." The arena will feature two 20-foot tall Smoothie King cups at the entrance.  If a Chiquita banana and Michael Jordan had a baby, it would live at The Smoothie King Center.