We have touched on how many are ecstatic about the mask mandate being lifted by Governor John Bel Edwards for Louisiana. Well, the news came that at least one person is not really excited about the move and won't be changing things.

New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell stated she won't be making any changes to the city's mask policy during a news conference earlier today. However, Mayor Cantrell did mention that some of the restrictions will be loosened beginning tomorrow.

Businesses will see increased capacity limits and outdoor gathering capacity will increase to 500, while 250 people will be allowed for indoor gatherings. We all know that New Orleans is a place that loves to party, and the pandemic really hit them hard. They are the place for Essence, Jazz Fest, and The Bayou Classic but it all stopped last year.

I am sure the people of New Orleans are ready to get things back to normal, but the Mayor is trying to keep the people safe first. How do you feel about Mayor Cantrell being restrictive about the mask mandate?

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