Folks in the Lake Charles area were in shock last night when social media blew up showing the iconic Nelson's Donuts on McNeese Street was on fire.

If you were on Facebook around 9:00pm last night, you saw people posting pictures and video of the fire consuming well-known Donut shop.

The fire actually started around 8:30pm and was put out around 9:15pm.

Gator 99.5's Buddy Russ was live on the scene last night and captured some dramatic pictures and video of the fire as two Lake Charles Fire Department trucks worked to extinguish the blaze. No word on what caused the fire.

Prayers to the Nelson family, and we hope they will be able to rebuild soon and open back up to serve Southwest Louisiana as they have for many years.

Nelson's Donuts Fire Put Out (Gator99.5/Buddy Russ)
Nelson's Donuts Fire Put Out (Gator99.5/Buddy Russ)

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