Hold on to your socks for this one, boys and girls. It's about to get real awesome. Meet Ronald Griffith. Ronald lives in Natchitoches and had a female friend and roommate off and on, according to a statement released by the Louisiana Fire Marshall's office.

Firefighters responded to a trailer fire that seems to have stared near the kitchen of Griffith's home. Although not official, it is suspected there was an electrical malfunction from some heaters that perhaps might have started the fire.

What about the girl? Griffith told investigators he had been letting the unidentified woman live with him off and on for the last two years. He said met her at his job site where he found her sleeping. What does Griffith do? Oh, he works at a cemetery.

Griffith told investigators he found her dead one day in the bedroom, but decided to just leave her where he found her. Nothing was reported of her death to the authorities. He literally just left her inside of his house. Oh, and investigators found the body of a pet dog inside the residence, too.

Griffith has been arrested for Unlawful Disposal of Remains with additional charges possible pending a full investigation.

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