We have all heard or said man, I need a vacation. This is more important than you would think when it comes down to it. We all need to take a break, and detox from the regular things that we deal with, and figure out how to bounce back. Everyone deals with more stress these days with the demands of jobs wanting more and more. Sometimes we feel like we want to scream when we feel overwhelmed. Well, I have figured out 5 things that could be a sign that a vacation is needed. These are things that have personally let me know when it was time to step away for a few days.

Insomnia: Do you catch yourself being up at night, laying there while feeling tired, but can't sleep? This could surely be a tell-all sign that you may need a break. I have been up at night wanting to sleep, and simply couldn't. Most of the time I am thinking about things to work on for the next day. Maybe it's a contest that I want to do or a project deadline that I need to meet. When your job starts messing with your sleep. It may be time for a vacation to reset the mind.

Weight Gain: I live in Louisiana, and I could surely blame my weight gain on the great food here. But I also have a choice of where to go, and what to eat at the end of the day. Stress is a factor that could jeopardize your health in more ways than you believe. It could have a lasting impression on the regularity of your heart and can contribute to excessive weight gain. If you are stressed out, you are not thinking about working out. You surely are not thinking about calories, and wouldn't you know it. All of a sudden, you've added on a couple of extra pounds. Your health should be a priority and when it's not, it's time for a vacation.

Short Temper: Do you find yourself getting upset at little things? Are you short with people, or have an attitude with them? The stress of your daily routine and responsibility could be the culprit behind that. Check the attitude at the door, and use some of that PTO that you have been putting off for weeks or even months.

Not Focused: Do you catch yourself working on something, and pick up your phone with distractions that are taking time from something progressive? Or have you ever been in the middle of a conversation, and basically wandered off in your mind and forgotten that you are actually there with someone? This is another example of being in too many places at one time without actually leaving the room. You're contemplating things in your mind of what needs to be done, and not taking in the moment of what is happening right then. This is a factor that should be telling you that it is long past time to walk away even if it's just for a couple of days.

Simple Things Become Complicated: I know I am guilty of this one on more than one occasion. I remember one time having a computer issue or at least I thought it was an issue. I called my engineer to come and help out and saw that the problem was an easy fix that I normally would have caught before. Things that we can do with our eyes closed become complex, and when you're already running with adrenaline and a touch of anxiety, you can believe you won't even be able to open a bottle of soda if your mind is not in it.

At the end of the day, we work hard and have vacation time for a reason. Sure everyone can't take off, or leave at the same time, but when time permits you to need to utilize that time or lose it and be in more of a stressful predicament than before.

According to Business Insider, here are some more signs that you may truly be in need of a vacation from the job.


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