Growing up in the '80s I fell in love with several TV series that became a fixture of my childhood.

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My all-time favorite series while growing up was Punky Brewster.  If you listen to Mikey O in the Afternoon, you've probably heard one of our sweepers say that I'm the president of the SWLA chapter of the Punky Brewster fan club, lol.  I absolutely fell in love with Punky's character.  Her spunk and can-do-anything attitude won me over from jump street.

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1. Punky Brewster

This next TV series was almost a tie with Punky.  It's almost a 1a and 1b type situation.  If you were a young boy in the '80s you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Even though the series doesn't age well and when you look back at it now it's extremely corny, back in the gap it was the bomb.  My favorite character was Snarf.  It was so funny how he was so brave until the you know what hit the fan and then he was the first to run.  I actually named a cat I had Snarf.

2. Thunder Cats

Not too many people remember my next favorite '80s TV series.  It was only on for two seasons, which in my book is a travesty. Anyways, the storyline goes like this, a self-made millionaire playboy adopts six orphan girls who were featured in a newspaper article about how they didn't want to be separated.  He did this to give himself a family-man image to try and seal a business deal for his frozen food company.  He doesn't plan on keeping the girls, but as time goes on he falls in love with them and keeps them permanently.

 3. Rags To Riches

Michael J. Fox was the main reason why I loved this next series.  He was so witty and funny.  The interactions between the family were priceless and it was casted perfectly.

4. Family Ties

Kirk Cameron knocked his role as Mike Sever out the park.  This was another show that was perfectly casted and it was also the launch pad for Leonardo DiCaprio to eventually become a megastar.

5. Growing Pains

The fact is there are so many awesome shows that could've easily been included in my top 5.  The '80s were an awesome decade for amazing TV.

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