We all know talent runs deep in the boot state, but did you know one of our own was named one of the top entrepreneurs in America? It's true.

Joe Porche from Metairie, Louisiana beat out 1,300 contestants with his invention: the Handle & Haul. He submitted his invention in season one of the Making It...With Lowe's contest and was one of the three winners. After being struck by a drunk driver, the former physician assistant found picking things up or carrying things difficult. The accident injured his back, neck, and wrists, and those injuries are what inspired his invention.

The Handle & Carry is designed to make it easier to carry heavy things by distributing the weight evenly with a strap underneath and handles. The contest was virtual and Porche stood out among the competition, winning a space on Lowes.com to sell his invention, a mentoring support package, a marketing support package, a business development package, and some major dough: a $50,000 Lowe's Small Business Grant.!

Congrats to Mr. Porche and the other winners of this year's contest. Learn more about Porche and his invention here.

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