Earlier this month, the Louisiana Pharmacy Board gave the okay for the state to open new medical marijuana pharmacies. According to the New Orleans Advocate seven out of the nine legal marijuana pharmacies in Louisiana were found eligible to open “satellite” locations.

The expansion comes as the legal marijuana businesses are growing by leaps and bounds in the state. In one year the cannabis customer base has reportedly skyrocketed to more than 186% in the second quarter. Likewise, the number of prescriptions is up by a whopping 430%! Which is a clear sign that business is pretty good. According to reports, the state’s nine pharmacies are doing millions of dollars in sales each quarter.

Also expanding in the state are marijuana medical patients, with an estimated 45K and counting being prescribed the drug. That said, legal cannabis advocates have been pushing for Louisiana legislation reform to decriminalize marijuana. State lawmakers have advanced several marijuana reform bills to the desk of Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards, some of which he already signed.

Among them, a bill by Representative Mandy Landry of New Orleans was passed to protect state workers from being fired if they test positive for the drug if they are using it under a doctor's recommendations. Another bill that passed bars police from conducting a warrantless search of a person’s place of residence or vehicle based solely smell of cannabis.

There are some major exceptions to these laws, however. Several new medical marijuana laws went into effect on August 1, 2022, in Louisiana and for more details check out the videos below.

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