If you were asked, "if you could switch lives with one person, even for just a short period of time, what person would you want to trade places with?" I wonder how many of you would say, Jimmy Buffett? He's had success on stage as a musician. He's a best selling author. His name is connected to a series of resorts. And, it all started with some ice in a blender.

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Back in 1977 all of America got to know Jimmy Buffett a little better when his hit song Margaritaville took the charts by storm. Oddly enough the inspiration for Buffett to pen the song about the frozen beverage spiked with tequila did not come from an island getaway. It came from a visit to Cocina del Sur, a former restaurant and bar in Austin Texas. 

Now, as popular as Margaritaville was on the radio, it had to be Buffett's first number one song, right? Nope. The song peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Heck, it got up to number 13 on the Hot Country Songs chart. And, I guess much to the chagrin of Mr Buffett the only place that Margaritaville made it to number one was on the Easy Listening charts, ouch. That doesn't sound like the same guy who pushed the Fool Button, but I guess it is.

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What made the song Margaritaville so endearing was its description of a lifestyle. I think we all want to live that beachcomber lifestyle of hungover in the morning and hammock napping in the afternoon. Only to start the ingestion of alcohol all over again when the sun goes down.

Hey, that does sound like a perfect description of a cruise vacation, now that you mention it. That's exactly what Margaritaville at Sea hopes to offer the discerning traveler with a taste for alcohol beginning in April of 2022.

The ship, the Margaritaville Paradise will sail from Palm Beach Florida on April 30th of next year. The ship will sail eastward to Grand Bahama Island. The Margaritaville Paradise boasts 658 cabins across 10 decks and yes, it will have exactly what you'd expect it to have on board.

There will be the 5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar, the Port of Indecision Buffett, plus there will be seafood and steakhouse on board too. Other amenities include the Par-A-Dice Casino, St. Somewhere Spa, and the Stars on the Water Theater. All they need to add is God's Own Drunk, no wait, I guess that would be the guests, never mind.

What makes this passage particularly interesting to me is not only do you get the Buffett experience but you won't be on board long enough to do any permanent harm to your liver. The ship is currently booking two-night itineraries starting at $169 per person. You can extend your stay by booking extra days at a Bahama's resort if you want.

So attention Parrotheads, the Boat Drinks are ready so get your Pencil Thin Mustache waxed and trimmed and be prepared to be asked, Why Don't We Get Drunk...I will let you finish that one. I might actually have to purchase a new floral print shirt just for the occasion.

And if cruise ships aren't your thing, you can just keep to yourself on your own private island.

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