So we know how much you loved the first two installments of the funny pictures on Facebook people were posting about the first LSU and Alabama football game. In honor of the BCS National championship game between LSU and Alabama we thought it would be cool to show you the top posts that are circulating around on Facebook.


Here is your top 7 funniest pictures from Facebook posts!

If you are wondering why TOP 7, well that's the number Tyrann Mathieu "The Honey Badger" wears on his jersey!

  • 7

    LSU Tows The Tide

    Just like the first game, fans are looking to put the Crimson Tide on the back of the wrecker again!
  • 6

    Alabama In the Crapper

    LSU fans loved seeing this one of the Crimson Tides Stadium being set in a toilet!  I laughed out loud when I saw this one!
  • 5

    Is it Good? Uh NO!

    After the first game where Alabama's two field goal kickers couldn't make a field goal to save their lives, this picture surfaced on Facebook. Now this was not only creative but it was freaking hilarious!
  • 4

    Nick Saban and Alabama Are In The Tigers' Sights

    LSU fans love to post pictures on Facebook about Nick Saban, and here was a cool one. I don't know if this means the Tigers are watching Saban or if they have Saban in their sights. Either way, it was a really cool picture!
  • 3

    Tigers Attack Nick Saban

    This had to be the number one post on Facebook. People loved seeing Mike the Tiger attacking Nick Saban! Now we just need one of a Honey Badger doing the same thing, don't ya think?
  • 2


    I couldn't leave this one out! Someone took this with their cellphone and posted it on Facebook. It's a spoof from of course the famous credit card commercials. We thought this one was funny and PRICELESS LOL!
  • 1

    Release The Honey Badger!

    And of course, our countdown could not be complete with out a little Honey Badger in the mix. This one was posted over and over again on Facebook and the look on Les Miles' face along with the caption just makes this one great!


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