As the LSU Tigers get ready for a dramatically different looking season on the gridiron, some players are not happy with the new splash shields attached to their helmets.

In an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19, the new design of the college football helmets have some players seeing red, rather than purple and gold. In July, the Tigers displayed a new helmet that would have a splash shield attached that would sit in-between the players' face mask openings.

LSU linebacker, Sonia Fonua, and offensive lineman, Austin Deculus, had a few choice words to say about the new helmet and face shields.

Fonua said, “I can’t ----ing breath under this thing.

Deculus said, “It’s like breathing in a Ziplock bag”

Regardless of how the players feel about the new helmet equipment, they will have to learn to play in and adapt to them. With the continuing spike in COIVD-19 cases, it does not seem as if this pandemic will be over before the start of LSU’s all SEC-only game schedule begins.

Check out the new helmets as LSU begins their season opener on September 26 against the Ole Miss.

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