Last night on ESPN, the first ever College Football Playoff Rankings were released.  This is college football's answer to the post BCS era where four teams will qualify for two playoff games with the winner of each game squaring off in the championship game to determine the National college football champion.

It was no surprise that Mississippi State and Florida State were numbers one and two but what is surprising is that Auburn and Ole Miss came in numbers three and four especially since Ole Miss just lost to LSU 10-7 last week.

Here is the rankings:

1              Mississippi State

2              Florida State

3              Auburn

4              Ole Miss

5              Oregon

6              Alabama

7              TCU

8              Michigan State

9            Kansas State

10           Notre Dame

11           Georgia

12           Arizona

13           Baylor

14           Arizona State

15           Nebraska

16           Ohio State

17           Utah

18           Oklahoma

20           West Virginia

21           Clemson

22           UCLA

23           East Carolina

24           Duke

25           Louisville

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