There has been a lot of attention focused on the race for Governor of Louisiana. Rightly so, it is the top job in the state and the real campaign has not really kicked into high gear. What about the state's second in command, the Lt. Governor? Well that race could be even more interesting than the Governors race if you follow the money.

Recent campaign finance reports show that the top two cash-on-hand candidates for Lt. Governor John Young and Billy Nungesser have more cash on hand that some of the candidates for Governor do. Both candidates are Republicans and Mr. Young reported having $2.2 million dollars in cash on hand while Mr. Nungesser had $1.6 million in cash on hand.

The other two candidates paled in comparison, at least as far as cash on hand is concerned. The only Democrat in the race Kip Holden reported just $68-thousand dollars in his campaign coffers while Elbert Guillory reported that he actually owed his campaign 4-thousand dollars.

So what does all this mean for voters like you and me? It means after qualifying in September you can expect the radio and television airwaves to be filled with advertisements especially from Young and Nungesser.  Being the lone Democrat might work to the advantage of Holden but that will depend on how tightly contested the Governor's race becomes.

Regardless, we have not begun to see the mud like we are going to see in the next three or four weeks. My prediction? Football season will be really hard to stomach with all the political advertising jammed in between plays.