One does not have to be a meteorologist with a degree to figure out it's hot. It's going to stay excessively hot for the next several days too. Therefore the Louisiana Humane Society has issued a heat advisory for pet owners in our state.

The catalyst for this advisory was the death of pit bull in Franklin Parish. According to official reports the dog had been tied up outside a residence for several days without shade, food, or water. The animal had wrapped itself around the pole that held its chain and the animal could not get out of the  blazing sun.

It's a terrible thing that could've easily been prevented. Sadly, we get several of those calls a year, dogs can't get out of the sun, there is no place for them to cool off and here they are with fur coats.

Those are the words of Jeff Dorson, the Director of the Humane Society of Louisiana. He spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network about the death of this pit bull and gave some advice on what other pet owners need to be considering during these times of extremely hot weather.

Dorson says the best treatment for heat stroke in dogs is to prevent it. Obviously if your animal can be inside in the air conditioned comfort of your home it will fair much better than being left outside. If you do have outside animals make sure there habitat is shady and that they have access to fresh water through out the day.

It's a very harsh environment for some dogs. Unfortunately, as much as a lot of us care about dogs, not everybody has the same value system so they may leave for several days at a time and think nothing of it.

Incidentally the owners of the pit bull that died in Franklin Parish were not home at the time authorities arrived on the scene. Once they have been located they will be charged with animal cruelty.

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