What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Louisiana? Well, if you're well adjusted then you either answered food or music. Both answers would be acceptable to me because quite frankly in Louisiana one without the other just doesn't feel right.

While the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been illustrated across social media platforms by our state's musical performers, the effect the virus has had on Louisiana's seafood industry may not have been as widely publicized.

Think about this fact. About 80% of shrimp caught in Louisiana is sold to restaurants. We already know how the virus has scaled back dining out so if you peel the layers back even further you don't have to look too hard to see Louisiana's seafood producing families are truly feeling the pinch.

Louisiana's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is urging you and me to do something about this issue. That something will help out fishermen, restaurants, and probably that tired of the Stay-at-Home order attitude. The solution is quite simple. Buy Louisiana Seafood whenever you can.

If we don't support our local fishermen many of them stand to lose their family business or even their boats. We can't let that happen. Please, specify Louisiana Seafood when you order at restaurants. They should have a sign telling you where their products come from.

Also if you're preparing seafood at your house for your family make sure you purchase Louisiana caught products at your local market. Louisiana's Seafood producers would certainly appreciate the support and your appetite will appreciate your choice of meal selection.



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