A Louisiana high school senior was in danger of being banned from his graduation ceremony because he wasn't wearing the correct shoes.

Fortunately, thanks to a quick thinking teacher, Daverius Peters, he was able to walk with his Hahnville classmates at their graduation on May 19. Peters was wearing sneakers instead of the school-mandated dress shoes. The dress code said no athletic shoes would be allowed.

Daverius was not allowed to even step foot into the venue. That's when he spotted Hahnville teacher John Butler. His daughter was graduating from Hahnville that night, too.

Butler tried to get Peters entrance into the convention center but the school staffer guarding the door would not budge. So he took off his tan dress shoes and handed them to Daverius and told him to put them on. Butler told the Washington Post there was no way he was letting Daverius miss the most important moment of his life up to this point.

John watched his daughter Jaelyn, Daverius, and their classmates graduate that night in his socks.

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