Fans of football in Louisiana may have sent fans of FSU home with a unique souvenir from Sunday's game. Louisiana is known for being a hospitable and giving place and apparently, at last Sunday's game in New Orleans, several thousand Florida State fans left the game with a unique souvenir.

AllState BCS National Championship - LSU v Ohio State
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The LSU versus Florida State game was played in New Orleans last Sunday and if we're really honest with each other, New Orleans is a great place to have fun, feel good, and then feel like hammered crap the next day. I am sure many Seminole fans celebrated the win with a hurricane or two and maybe even a Lucky Dog on Bourbon Street.

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But the real "gift of New Orleans" was lying in wait a few days later when most of those fans returned to Tallahassee.

Certainly, we wish those who have taken ill the very best. I hope they have taken the precautions they felt were necessary to protect themselves and their families back home. But this should be a cautionary tale for anyone who is going to attend a football game or any event where large crowds gather.

New Orleans French Quarter Restaurants And Businesses Start to Reopen With Social Distancing Practices in Place
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COVID is still among us. It is not nearly as deadly as it once was thanks to vaccines and the "herd immunity" of those who have suffered from the virus before. Here's to safer days and outdoor stadiums and people using common sense. Well, at least we can have the outdoor stadiums to look forward to.

Be safe, and take the precautions you feel are necessary to protect your health and the health of others. FSU, sorry you got sick. We do hope you'll be feeling better soon. I guess there's always a private island for you to buy once you stop spending all your cash on chicken soup and Kleenex.

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