The Violence Policy Center is reporting that Louisiana has ranked in the top 10 of women murdered by men consistently since 2009.

VPC Legislative Director Kristen Rand told the Louisiana Radio Network that a common thread in the deaths here in the Bayou State is that the victims are killed by guns related to domestic violence.

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Rand also noted a very alarming statistic, that a very high percentage of Louisiana women that are murdered are pregnant or just birthed their baby. According to the VPC, the murderer is more than likely going to be the father of the child or their current intimate partner.

The Violence Policy Center says the top ranking states in the country all share the same lack of resources for domestic abuse victims.

Rand pointed out that Louisiana was ranked number two in the nation for women being murdered by men in 2016 and 2017. Louisiana's rank dropped to number five in 2018 and 2019. In 2021, with the latest rankings, the state ranks at number five in the country again.

He also said that moving from number two to number five isn't really a good thing:

The same states tend to sort of change positions, in the study each year we do it. So, I’m sad to say I doubt that you’re seeing any real improvement. - VPC Legislative Director Kristen Rand

FBI statistics also shows that African American women are more than twice as likely to be murdered by a man they know than Caucasian females.

Rand says that Louisiana lawmakers need to focus more on assisting abuse victims. He went on to say they need to be more strict on enforcing the federal legislation on removing guns from men who are guilty of domestic violence and give abused women more resources when they are seeking help.

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