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Think you've been married a long time? A friend of mine says he got married once and it was the longest week of his life. Hopefully, your vows have lasted a little longer than that.

Maybe you just hit the twenty five year mark? Maybe it's been fifty years? How about 81 years? That's what it took to earn the distinction last year as "Longest Married Couple in Louisiana."

And that's not even the longest amount of time it's taken to win the honors in other years. Evidently, here in the Bayou State, if the marriage makes it past the tumultuous years, it's likely to last longer than a lot of people live.

Again this year, the Louisiana Family Forum wants to spotlight the state's longest married couple and they're accepting nominations for the distinction. In an article from the Louisiana Radio Network we learn that Family Forum President Gene Mills says they’re looking for couples who’ve been married 60 or more years.

“The longest known in the past was 84 years and we had one couple of out Benton, Louisiana that passed away two weeks apart it was almost as if they were saying they couldn’t live without each other,” said Mills.

Last year's celebrated couple was Gladys and Wallace Menard of Duson who've been married for 81 years. Mills says there's an important lesson we can all learn from these couples, “Number one it’s important to recognize those who have accomplished what many say is not achievable today and that is lifelong lasting marriages,” said Mills.

Each of the top ten longest married will be recognized and will be entered in the “LFF Marriage Hall of Fame.” To nominate yourself or another couple, go to Hurry though, as nominations are due by February 3rd.

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