If it's one thing about the pandemic, it has really caused strife in a lot of people's lifestyles. Then on top of that, you throw in 2 Hurricanes, a flood, and Tornado, along with many in the city having to relocate, and people losing their jobs. You would think that these were included as storylines for a movie, and that is far from the truth. This is much of our reality here in Lake Charles.

Many people that I know have moved to other cities and are actually doing better. They've gotten their forever jobs, or simply relocated due to better situations and living opportunities. The City of Lake Charles has taken notice of this and realized that in order to sustain what has been built. You have to really invest in your community and even more, invest in those who are helping our community grow and stay safe.

According to KPLC, there is some good news for Lake Charles City Workers. The City Council discussed for over an hour of things that could be done to counter the loss of potential workers in Lake Charles. This has caused low numbers with the Water Department, Police Department, and Fire Department. There is some good news to come out of this as a made the decision to increase pay with a 3 percent raise for all employees. This would bring the pay up from $10 to $10.75 an hour.

With 15 percent vacancy in the police department, there is a dire need for 32 positions to be filled and reliable trained officers to be able to patrol the Lake Charles street as crime has been at an all-time high from violence and thefts. Hopefully, this will be just the start of a needed overhaul for many positions in the area and the opportunity for financially stable employment for many currently looking for jobs.

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