A Tennessee woman is recovering after a man kidnapped her, took her to Slidell, and then beat, strangled and raped her. The twist, however, was that she alerted police by sending a text message ... from her attacker's phone!

Lee Meadows, 34, of Clarksville, Tenn., took the woman as he fled Tennessee. He was fleeing criminal charges, according to officials. He had recently been jailed on domestic abuse charges.

The Slidell Police Department states, “when officers gained access to the room, they found the victim badly beaten and in need of medical attention. Meadows surrendered without incident and was placed under arrest.” When the victim arrived at a hospital, she had multiple injuries including several broken bones. -- WGNO.com

Meadows allegedly hid all of the woman's personal possessions, including her cell phone. However, she managed to get ahold of Meadows' phone and used it to text her sister. The sister contacted police, who traced the phone back to the Slidell hotel.

This is an age where people don't remember cell phone numbers thanks to automatic dialing. But here's at least one reason to always have someone's number memorized.