Jennings Police Sgt. Ricky Benoit hasn't been home since a suspect shot him the neck on June 23.  That changes this Wednesday (Sept. 10), and the city is preparing to show its gratitude for Benoit's service with a 'welcome home' gesture.

City officials say they'd love to see residents lining the roads Wednesday afternoon to welcome Benoit home.  You can line up from Interstate 10 exit 65 down Roberts Avenue down to Sherman Street.  Benoit is returning home to Jennings from New Orleans, where he's been undergoing physical therapy.

Benoit is expected to arrive at around 1:30 p.m., but the exact time can't be entirely predicted, obviously.  If you can be there to line the streets, wave a flag or just say hello, you should.

If you need more information, call Michelle Hebert at (337) 821-5532 or email her at

Benoit's shooter, meanwhile, pleaded not guilty last month to attempted first-degree murder charges.