It is week two of the high school football season and it is already getting real!  The Barbe Bucs and the Jennings Bulldogs already have games tonight that are raising some eyebrows!

The Barbe Bucs will travel to John J Mims Stadium to take on the LaGrange Gators.  Back in the day, Barge and LaGrange were a huge rivalry until the Gators dropped down in districts.  One of the big reasons it was a huge rivalry is because Barbe didn't have a stadium for years and had to share with LaGrange.

Then there is the Jennings Bulldogs.  The will take on the Eunice Bobcats tonight and renew a rivalry that has been going on for many years!  The bulldogs will have to go to Eunice and fight off a hostile legion of Bobcat fans.  The teams always look at the schedule and put a big star next to this game!

You can listen to the Barbe game here starting at 6:30 p.m. on 1470 am.

The Jennings game will be broadcast on 1290 KJEF and stream live on starting around 6:25 p.m. tonight.