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Facebook, Twitter and and local news outlets are all blowing up about the controversy surrounding a lawyer in Lafayette, Louisiana, saying that Cajun music star Jamie Bergeron's song 'Registered Coonass" should stop being played on radio.

Lafayette attorney and advocate for Cajun culture, Warren Perrin, has said that the song and word "Coonass" is derogatory and needs to be stopped being played on the air.  Listen to our exclusive interview with Jamie Bergeron this morning!

KATC news out of Lafayette is reporting:

Lafayette attorney and advocate for cajun culture, Warren Perrin, has threatened to file an FCC complaint against KBON 101.1 FM over lyrics he calls derogatory and offensive.

For nearly two years the Eunice radio station has been broadcasting the song "RCA (Registered Coonass)" by Jamie Bergeron & the Kickin' Cajuns. The chorus of the song includes the word 'coonass,' which is what Perrin considers the most insulting term against Acadians."The most common, accepted definition in French is: a diseased prostitute," said Perrin, of the word's origin. "Those who know the history and the battles that went before them, you'll never find them using the term."

Source: KATC TV-3, Lafayette

Perrin has his side of the story, but certainly some Cajuns use the word with pride.  For them, it used to be a hurtful term, but not now they've reclaimed it.  So, what does Jamie Bergeron think about all this?  Scroll down!



Here is Jamie Bergeron talking with me this morning about the issue.

Now here is a little snip it of the song that is causing all the uproar!  What do you think?

Jamie-Bergeron CD

Cajuns -- does the word "Coonass" offend you?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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