Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Louisiana meteorologists have been predicting that we would have potentially flooding rains this week and, so far, that forecast has materialized.

KATC Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo shared a post on Facebook mid-morning Wednesday that a swath in northern Acadiana was drenched with 5 to 7 inches of rain late Tuesday into Wednesday.

The system bringing all the rain is moving eastward across Louisiana and, while most of us will get a break Wednesday afternoon, another round of heavier rain is expected this evening, with yet another Thursday morning.

Rob posted the following message just before noon Wednesday:

Except for perhaps the extreme southeastern areas of Acadiana the risk of flooding rains look to ease into the afternoon, but expect round two of the heavy rain threat to arrive this evening, round three, tomorrow morning. And yes, rains (not a flood threat) return Friday before we get to dry out! Near-term, St Mary & Lower St martin will catch another inch or two before hopefully easing.

Civil engineers and meteorologists will both tell you that, when rain falls so rapidly, it stresses any drainage system.

Evangeline Parish Schools made the decision early Wednesday morning to close and, based on this video, it was a good call. Having buses on the roadway would have been dangerous to the driver, other drivers, and, most importantly, to school children.

A similar setup occurred in the community of Lebeau, north of Opelousas, in northern St. Landry Parish.

A friend sent me the following video of Stelly's Supermarket. You can see that the water reached the man's ankles as he unlocks the store.

The water flooded the parking lot outside the supermarket. Hopefully, no one drove through it while it was that high, or it would have inundated the store.

Lafayette got a good soaking, too. The water quickly receded once the rain slacked off, but it poured for a couple of hours.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and say some prayers that the system moves through quickly so we don't see any worse.

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