The world of news and social media can sometimes seem daunting with the amount of news that can bring you down.

We like to look around for the headlines that can bring happiness and joy. All we had to do to find the latest wonderful news was to check out LSU star gymnast Olivia Dunne's Instagram page.

Dunne has introduced the newest member of her family to the world.

Photo #foryou #puppy livvy dunne head pics slideshow TikTok

The newest member of Dunne's family is a little female puppy who she has named, "Roux". What an adorable name for an adorable pet.

Fans of the gymnast will now have another reason to love Dunne and her gymnastics career.

Not only is everyone going to become a fan of the dog, but they will also be able to become a fan of the dog on Instagram as Roux will be getting her own account at "thatgirlroux".

Photo courtesy of Sun via Tik Tok

How adorable is this little puppy? It's super sweet that Dunne is loving on the newest member of her family. Will you be going to follow little Roux's Facebook account?

Now doubt Olivia Dunne will be sharing new photos and videos of Roux so that we all get to join in this sweet little pup's growth.

Dunne will return to gymnastics for her senior year in January when she begins competition again.

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