Water safety is essential, especially in SWLA, where we are surrounded by water. In a state known as the "Sportsmen Paradise," boating, fishing, crabbing, and shrimping are a way of life. However, many times we hear of tragic drownings because many Louisianians participate in activities around water and don't know how to swim or fail to practice water safety and wear a lifejacket.


USA Swimming announced the Make a Splash Tour 2023, presented by Phillips 66, is coming to Lake Charles, May 4-5 (location TBA)! The goal is to eliminate accidental drownings by promoting water safety education. Make plans to attend and learn how to swim with the help of some famous USA Olympic Swimmers!

Make a Splash Tour is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, traveling to cities and educating communities about the life-saving skill of swimming. This is a FREE water safety event the whole family can enjoy! USA Swimming Foundation ambassadors and Olympic medalists like Elizabeth Beisel, Rowdy Gaines, and Cullen Jones will be in Lake Charles May 4-5.

Did you know formal swimming lessons decrease the risk of children drowning by 88%? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),

Each year, about 3,500 people die due to drowning, and nearly 25% of them are children under 14 years old. This issue is particularly severe in ethnically diverse communities, where the drowning rate is almost three times higher than the national average.

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