We live in a crazy world where random crimes occur around the country with no explanation and no particular target. This is why police in North Carolina are sounding the alarm to make sure people of aware of the latest hate crime. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture recently did a routine inspection on gas pumps Tuesday, January 24, in Forest City, North Carolina, when they made a shocking discovery.

The inspectors found razor blades on the gas pump handles at a Roco Gas Station in Ellenboro. They called the authorities, which led to searches at other stations in the area, and disturbingly enough, they found more! Lt. Brandon Rothrock with the Forest City Police Department said he found a blade at a 74 Junction Gas Station. Another blade was discovered at a station on Oak Street.

The Ministry of Agriculture has launched a full investigation with city and state law enforcement to try and find answers. Here's what they know so far:

Lt. Brandon Rothrock said, “There is no explanation as to why someone would do this.” So, the authorities in North Carolina are taking a proactive approach and alerting everyone of the potential danger. Rothrock said, “If you’re pumping gas, check. Look before you grab. Protect yourself however you need to,” He continued. “It’s going to take hours of reviewing video to see if we can come up with a suspect.”

Meanwhile, the lieutenant said they didn't know how long the blades had been at the gas stations. The good news is that there have been no reports of injuries. So far, no other states have reported razor blades at gas stations. Be safe, everyone.

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