Are you ready for some football?! There's no doubt that fans around the world are excited about the highly anticipated gridiron match-up between the San Fransisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs! Sports fans are going to be packed in at sports bars, house parties, and inside the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, February 11, 2024, to watch it unfold.

There's so much excitement built up around the iconic game each year! This year is no different. Super Bowl LVIII fans will not only be rooting for their favorite teams but looking forward to the famous commercials not to mention the pre-game festivities and live entertainment. Reba McEntire will sing the Star Spangled Banner and Usher is bound to light up the stage during the spectacular half-time show.

Super Bowl LVIII - Previews
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Super Bowl LVIII - Team Arrivals
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This year the big game is destined for the sports history books for more reasons than one. According to TMZ, whichever team walks away with the Lombardi Trophy will also be treated to an award of a different nature. Booty! Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Right?

TMZ Sports reports workers Addison Gray and Alice Little at the world-famous Vegas brothel known as the Chicken Ranch, have offered the winning team a little something extra. A Sextravaganza Package, for both the players and their WAGS to enjoy, on the house! Gray told TMZ,

"If any player would like to invite his wife or girlfriend, many of our ladies specialize in threesomes, orgies and swinger sessions," She added. "All guests, male and female, are welcome to participate."

This time of year, the 40-acre adult playground gets a lot of business says brothel COO, Will Paccione. He told TMZ in a recent interview they always see, "a sizable uptick" in days before and during Super Bowl weekend. Paccione went on to say, that his chickens are hitting the gym to prepare for the influx of customers.

Germany's First Covid Testing Station In A Brothel
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As for the extra love for the winning Super Bowl team, Little and Gray are promising a memorable "no-holds-barred orgiastic blowout" featuring:

  • A VIP Bungalow
  • Sex Specialty Areas
  • Free limo
  • A bar
  • Swimming Pool

"Nothing is off limits," and everything is free of charge! Gray says, "It's only right that we play our part and express our sincere appreciation to this year’s champions for their invaluable contribution to our industry."

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