Have you ever heard of The Mandela Effect? It's when a large group of people remember the same thing incorrectly. The term originated when civil rights legend Nelson Mandela died. A woman named Fiona Broome coined the phrase after she realized she and several others remembered Mandela's death was in the 80s when in fact, it was in 2013.

Did you believe the same thing? Broome observed that this phenomenon happens all of the time and started a website to detailing factual evidence that huge masses of people remember the same exact things when they never happened. The truth of the matter is we all have false memories of something. To proove it, I will list several examples that will likely have you second-guess what you remember about ordinary things, names, TV shows, and food.


The Mandela Effect is fascinating because it will make you question everything. Don't worry, you're not losing your mind. However, you will find you are wrong about almost everything! It has happened to all of us. Do you have The Mandela Effect about certain things? Did the Raison Brand sun wear sunglasses? Does Shaggy in Scooby Doo have a protruding Adam's apple? The answer to both questions is NO. How about this one- Do you remember the comedian Sinbad starring in a 90's movie as a genie? Well, there is no such movie! Crazy right?

There are thousands of Mandela Effect examples of how things are not what we remember them to be. Let's see how many of these examples you get correct.

1.) What side of the shoe is the circular Converse logo? Is it on the inside or the outside of the ankle?

answer: The inside of the ankle.

2.) Is the converse circular logo on high tops and low quarter shoes?

answer: It is only on high tops.

3.) Did the animated character Curious George the monkey have a tail?

answer: No.

4.) Is it "Looney Tunes" or "Looney Toons"?

answer: Looney Tunes

5.) Is it "Febreeze" or "Febreze"?

answer: Febreze

6.) Is it "Oscar Mayer" or "Oscar Meyer"?

answer: Oscar Mayer

7.) Is the popular shoe brand Sketchers spelled with a "T"?

answer: No. It is Skechers.

8.) Does the Monopoly Man have a monocle (small single-eye corrective lens) or not?

answer: No. Many confuse this mascot with the Planters Peanut mascot, which does have a monocle.

9.) Is it "Fruit Loops" or "Froot Loops"?

answer: Froot Loops

10.) Is it "Chic-fill-a" or "Chick-fill-a"?

answer: It's Chick-fill-a

BONUS Question - Is Tony The Tiger's nose blue or black on the cereal box?

answer: His nose is blue!

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