This year fall back ends and daylight saving begins on Sunday, March 10! The question is, will this be the last time Louisiana and Texas will change the time? Both states have passed legislation to make daylight saving permanent. So, what's the holdup? The United States Congress.

The Senate has already taken measures to end this age-old tradition of changing time twice a year. In March 2022, Marco Rubio (R‑FL), and Vern Buchanan (R‑FL) introduced a bill for the Sunshine Protection Act to make daylight saving permanent. It was supposed to go into effect in March of 2023. However, Congress kinda put the proposal on the shelf citing the war in Ukraine/Russia and Israel/Houthi rebels brought that Idea to a halt.

Louisiana and Texas are in good company as 46 other states aim to make daylight saving time permanent. Hawaii and Arizona are the only 2 states that opted to observe permanent standard time under the Uniform Time Act which forbids permanent daylight saving time.

That's pretty much where both states are on the matter. What do you think? Would you rather have daylight saving or standard time? Let us know. In the meantime, this is what others think: