In Green Bay, Wisconsin, a story that sounds like it came straight from a comedy show is making headlines this week. Imagine being in trouble with the law and having a name that makes everyone do a double-take. Well….meet Deez-Nuts Lee Kroll (it's not a joke), a 42-year-old man who recently got into serious trouble.

On March 5, the police were called to handle a situation involving Kroll and a gun. This wasn't just any ordinary call for the local police department, though. The man they arrested was none other than Mr. Deez-Nuts himself. According to the news from CBS Green Bay affiliate WFRV TV, this all started with a family disagreement over family chores.

Kroll’s daughter and her boyfriend had a bit of a phone fight with him over these household tasks. Later, when they tried to come back home, they found the doors locked and their welcome wasn't exactly welcoming. Kroll opened the door punched his daughter and then pulled a gun.

When the police got there, they found Mr. Kroll without his shirt, looking like he might have had a few too many to drink. The officers mentioned he was talking in circles during the interview. It's kind of like when you're trying to explain how you didn't eat the last cookie from the jar, but end up talking about the weather instead.

For his wild actions, Kroll is facing charges that include scarily using a weapon, hitting someone, and causing a ruckus. If the court finds him guilty, he could spend up to a year away in jail. He's out now but had to pay $1,000 to get a little break before his next court date on April 24.

Here's a funny twist: Deez-Nuts wasn't always his name. He changed it from Derrick in 2011 and even added an extra "e" later on. You might wonder why someone would choose such a name. It turns out, that "Deez Nuts" is a phrase from a Dr. Dre album in 1992 (we all had that cassette tape), the phrase spiked in 2015 when Instagram user WelvenDaGreat posted a video of himself telling a similar Deez Nuts joke to a friend on the phone. However, Deez Nuts truly broke into the mainstream later that year when Deez Nuts became a US presidential candidate, scoring an astonishing third place in public polls, right after Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The candidate Deez Nuts was a 15-year-old Iowa native named Brady Olson, who registered the pseudonym as a way of expressing his frustration with the two major political parties.

So, next time you think your name is a bit out there, just remember Mr. Deez-Nuts Lee Kroll from Green Bay. His story shows that sometimes, life can be stranger than fiction – or at least funnier than your average sitcom.

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