Today is the day. Today is when the solar eclipse will take place through the heart of the United States. Solar Eclipse fever has hit the United States with tons of people taking off of work and traveling to locations to see the eclipse in action.

According to Airbnb, 90% of the homes available for rent are booked in the path of totality. People are traveling from far and wide to see the eclipse that will take place this afternoon.

According to AAA, the best places to see the total eclipse are in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio Texas. If you are not going to be in Texas, AAA says that Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Buffalo are other popular spots.

George Frey, Getty Images
George Frey, Getty Images

Remember that if you are going to be in the path and observe the solar eclipse, you will need to be prepared with the right gear. You WILL need a certain type of glasses that are specially designed to protect your eyes during this event.

What is the timeline of the eclipse? The 2024 solar eclipse will begin at the border of Texas and Mexico at 1:27 pm CST today, Monday, April 8th. Here are the times it will occur in these Texas cities.

  • Eagle Pass - 1:27 pm
  • San Antonio -- 1:33 pm
  • Austin - 1:34 pm
  • Waco - 1:38 pm
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth - 1:42 pm
  • Tyler - 1:43 pm

Try not to miss this one because if you do, after the total solar eclipse today, the next total solar eclipse in the United States will be in 20 years on Aug. 23, 2044.

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