Did any other children's parents say "Good night" as they were tucking them in? Rest well. Did you get afraid of bed bugs after reading "Don't let the bed bugs bite"?

Me alone? Oh, that's cool.

One Texas city may need to get accustomed to saying that, though, since they have compiled a list of the cities with the highest rates of bed bug infections through 2024.

Two-day old lines of bedbug bites on a woman's back
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Bed Bug Awareness Week begins on June 2 (you should put that date on your calendar right away), so Pest Gnome listed the cities in the United States that are most affected by the bugs.
They compared the 500 largest American cities based on the following criteria in order to get their conclusion:

🔴 Risk of Infestation (percentage of apartment buildings, quantity of secondhand furniture stores, lodging)
🔴 Pest Control (exterminators per 10,000 houses, keywords connected to bed bugs on Google)
🔴Density of Population

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Houston has the third-worst bed bug infestation rate in the United States, according to Pest Gnome's methodology.
Houston was placed 3rd in "Infestation Risk," 9th in "Pest Control," and 220th in "Population Density" out of 500 cities examined in the study.

At least we're not first; New York City won first place in each of the three categories.

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