It was first brought out back in 1970. The Taco Bell Encherito came out and made our clothes tighter. It left us, sadly, in 2013. Course, 7 years later we would also lose the Mexican Pizza. Taco Bell, after seeing the onslaught of support for the pizza's return, decided to double down and see what else they could bring back for customer approval.

There was another "cult" favorite that Taco Bell removed as well. In 1995 we were introduced to the Double Deck Taco. A taco wrapped in a soft tortilla. It stayed around for quite some time and became "seasonal". In 2006, it became a permanent menu item and was removed in 2019. Taco Bell decided to put the Double Decker and Enchirito in a battle against each other and put it to a vote as to which of the two items Taco Ball fans would like to see make a comeback.

Taco Bell used its app to let customers vote on which one they preferred. The results were close, but the Enchirito won out with over 60% of the vote. Taco Bell made it official and announced that it will indeed be making its return. Beginning today through November 30, you can order your very own using the Taco Bell app or the in-store ordering stations.

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