If you are from Southwest Louisiana then you know about the outlet mall in Iowa, Louisiana. Some call it the VF Factory outlet mall but when it first opened back in 1988, it was called Factory Stores Of America Outlet Mall.

When it open in the late 80s, it was a happening place.  The outlet was busy with shoppers and retailers and folks who were traveling along I-10 that would stop in to take a look. It was full of stores back in the day.

At one time, the outlet mall housed a bunch of stores. They had the VF Factory outlet, a bass outlet, Levis Jeans Outlet, A Kitchen Collection outlet and so many more. Sadly, that is not the case anymore.


I personally haven't been to the outlet mall in Iowa for many many years now but at last check, we talked to some Iowa residents and the mall is closed for retail shopping. There may be a couple of business offices in there, however.

We went looking around YouTube and found a video on a channel called The Wanderer where they shot a video called Dead Factory Outlet Mall. In the video you are about to watch that was posted 4 years ago, the man walks into the mall and videos the way it looked and the condition it was in.

Of course, this is before it closed and before hurricanes, Laura and Delta caused damage to the structure, but it is still cool to see what it looked like. When this video was shot, there were only a couple of stores left.  Check it out.

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