Because her husband is disappointed that they are having a girl, the expectant mother decides to postpone her gender reveal celebration.

The woman posted on Reddit, "My husband and I have a son together and I am currently pregnant with our second child."

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Her husband "desperately" wants their second child—their last—to be a boy, even though they already have a boy.

"I went into planning this reveal rationalizing that gender disappointment is okay, but I've come to realize that there is wishing you're having a son and then there's fixating on NOT having a daughter even more than wanting another son, and my husband falls into the second category," she said.

"It's not all his fault: he grew up with an older dad who was always controlling towards his mother," she said.

"I found out we're having a girl when we reached a stage where he said it was okay for me to go find out the baby's gender on my own (without telling him). The woman went on, "I guess I don't have a good poker face based on his negative reaction after I got home."

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"I would be okay with a reveal in which the guests are the ones who are taken aback, but it's in a week, and every day my husband becomes more reclusive. He can't pretend to be happy, and when he gets really unhappy, he frequently wants to leave and drag me away with him. I chose to cut the power. Once more, he's not upset about the money; rather, he's upset about what we're doing to our friends and family and what it might mean about him. She said in her post's conclusion, "I put my foot down," that she anticipates losing their photographer's deposit.

Users of Reddit blasted her husband in the comments.


"I feel sorry for you that you thought marrying him was a good idea, you need to work on your self esteem," one person wrote.


"I feel so bad for that baby girl. I grew up knowing I was unwanted and it’s not a good thing to subject your child too," another user said.


"I think he’s concerned with his reputation being damaged by her canceling the gender reveal at the last minute. I think he doesn’t want a daughter because he’s a misogynist and hates women," a third person commented.


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