If you have a child with an iPhone, law enforcement agencies across the Nation are encouraging you to check their phone over this brand-new feature. This new iPhone feature allows you to share private information just by being close to someone.

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According to agencies in multiple states, the new update includes a feature that allows users to share contact information and photos by holding two iPhones together.

The feature, called NameDrop, is activated by users who have installed the recent software update to iOS 17. NameDrop "only works for sending new contact information, not updating an existing contact."

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The main concern for cyber security expert, Dave Hatter, is the feature defaulting to 'On' when the software is downloaded.

"It would be better if it were disabled and you understood what it did and then you turned it off, but I don't think it's the end of the world because you can control what it shares," Hatter said.

WPTV News via YouTube
WPTV News via YouTube


When users install the update, NameDrop defaults to ‘ON’. As a safety precaution, police are warning parents whose children have iPhones to be sure to change the settings on their iPhones. To shut the feature off, follow these directions: Go to Settings, General, AirDrop, Bringing Devices Together, and select ‘OFF’.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have made social media posts regarding the situation and asked parents to turn this setting OFF on their children's cellular devices.

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