If you hear someone has the sniffles, or if they keep sneezing, I've got one word for you... .RUN! The flu is spreading like wildfire across the South and it feels like more and more people come down with it every day. FIVE Texas cities are listed as "hotspots" for the flu...

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According to Walgreens, flu activity in Texas is spreading at a rapid pace. It appears that in the Lonestar State, more and more cases are popping up every day.

It's not just the Lonestar State that is seeing a rise in flu cases. Louisiana has been on an uptick as well. The Bayou State has TWO cities included inside of the Top-10 hotspot cities for the flu.

Walgreens Flu Index
Walgreens Flu Index

Per the Walgreens Flu Index, the top states that are affected by the Flu are...

1. Oklahoma
2. Wyoming
3. Arkansas
4. Texas
5. Mississippi
6. Louisiana
7. New Mexico
8. Montana
9. Kentucky
10. Nebraska

Walgreens Flu Index
Walgreens Flu Index

Louisiana has a few cities on the list for flu activity, but Texas makes up half of the list of cities. Crazy enough, Texas makes up 5 of the top 6 cities for flu activity. Check out the full list here...

1. Tyler-Longview (Lufkin & Nacogdoches), Texas
2. Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas
3. Corpus Christi, Texas
4. Waco-Temple-Bryan, Texas
5. Oklahoma City, Okla.
6. San Antonio, Texas
7. Lafayette, La.
8. Little Rock-Pine Bluff, Ark.
9. Columbus-Tupelo-West Point-Houston, Miss.
10. Monroe, La.-El Dorado, Ark.

Our friends at KEEL have compiled a list of helpful ways for you to avoid getting the flu, read the full story here via KEEL.

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