What is one of America's favorite foods? It's pizza of course. Pizza chains are in every town across the United States from national pizza chains to locally-owned pizza joints. Some love the national pizza restaurants while some prefer their locally owned pizzerias.

When is comes to the national brands of pizza, what is your favorite? Here is an even better question, what is the national pizza chain that you avoid at all costs? In recent years, some national pizza brands have seen a decline in business while others are opening up new locations all over the country.

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Most surveys say the decline in some pizza chains is because the consumer says the ingredients don't seem fresh or the flavor tastes artificial or like a frozen pizza they buy at a grocery store.

What is your go-to pizza? is it the traditional pepperoni? Or are you a meat lover or a supreme type of pizza eater? Do you like the thin, hand-tossed, or deep-dish style pizza?

With that being said, 247wallst.com has released a list of the worst pizza chains to avoid. The site consulted pizza reviews on five different food blogs and websites to determine which national chain ranks as the worst.

Chuck E. Cheese Sold To Private Equity Firm Apollo For 1.3 Billion
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The national pizza chain that ranks the worst is Chuck E. Cheese and in Texas, there are 62 locations of the popular pizza chain. What is one of the top reasons it was voted the worst? People and food bloggers are describing the pizza at Chuck E Cheese as having "artificial-tasting cheese".

Since we are in Southwest Louisiana, where are the closest locations to us? There is one location in Lake Charles and one location in Beaumont. There are also six locations in the Houston area.

According to 247wallet.com, other national pizza chains that made the list as worst pizza according to the surveys include:

  • Domino's
  • Papa Murphy's
  • Little Ceasars
  • CiCi's

So that is how they rank according to a 2024 survey of pizza lovers, food bloggers, and websites.

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