I guess it's time for a change but the Charlie Brown Halloween cartoon It's the Great Pumpkin won't be on network TV this year.

When I was a little kid, and that was a very long time ago, at Halloween and Christmas, I always looked forward to the Charlie Brown specials.

I've seen them countless times throughout my life but I guess in order to pass it on to my son, I will have to find it on DVD or Blue-Ray. I have no internet, Netflix or satellite television where I live in the great white north.

According to Mlive, this will be the first time in decades that It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown won't air on ABC or CBS.

The Charlie Brown cartoons are a little dry and slow but nonetheless I still enjoyed them as a kid. I always looked forward to the Snoopy and Woodstock scenes...for no talking, they were my favorite.

If you are high tech and have Apple TV+ they will offer the program free for subscribers. They won't get me, I will just cruise the $5 DVD bins at Meijer and Walmart until I find a copy.

Apple TV+ scored the exclusive rights to all Peanuts programs so either watch with them or purchase. This could backfire because, sometimes when you take something away that has been free since 1966, it just goes away. Think about it, you don't see a lot of kids playing with Peanuts toys these days.

Not only is the Thanksgiving special going to streaming, but so is Charlie Brown's Christmas.

Hopefully a DVD or Blue-Ray company packages the two cartoons together. I guess I will check Amazon to see if that exists.

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