So today is Thanksgiving which is a time to spend with your friends and family enjoying quality time you never get anymore because of your busy schedule.  People all over the country look forward to the four day weekend away from work.  But it seems like Thanksgiving day isn't what it used to be!

When I was growing up, it was a Thanksgiving meal around lunch time then all the guys sat around taking naps while the woman huddle up together talking followed by watching football then a good old game of booray.

Now it seems people are rushing to get the food done, have people over to eat and finish up early so that they can hit the streets on Thanksgiving day for shopping deals.  I mean I though it was called Black Friday for a reason?  Because it was on Friday.

Now the new trend is for stores to open around 5 to 6pm on Thanksgiving day just to get more revenue and shoppers into their stores which is causing not only a mad dash to stores but the pour folks who work in retail to have to cut their Thanksgiving holiday short to be at work!  This is crazy.

USA Today is reporting that not only are more stores opening up on Thursday instead of early Friday but they are even opening up earlier and earlier every year.  For instance, Thanksgiving Day's opening hour at J.C. Penney Co. Inc. has been creeping earlier over the past few years, from 8 p.m. two years ago to 5 p.m. last year to 3 p.m. this year.

Call me old fashion but I think Thanksgiving day is the day to slow your busy life down, enjoy a great meal with your friends and family and just relax.  Let the shopping be on Friday.  I mean is it really worth losing that valuable time with you family just to get $100 off of a TV?

So today I will refer to it as Gray Thursday followed by Black Friday. Before you know it they will start the shopping deals on Wednesday night where you may just miss Thanksgiving all together!  Just my opinion.

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