Good news, everyone! The Calcasieu River bridge has officially earned its highest rating since 2013. Of course, it only went up by a single point, elevating its Sufficiency Rating from a terrifying 6.6 (out of 100) to a slightly less terrifying 7.6%.

We’ve written about this bridge before. Many times. But here’s the latest info from, with data collected from the National Bridge Inventory Database.

Condition: Poor
Average Daily Traffic (as of 2015): 74,100
Deck: Serious condition
Superstructure: Serious condition
Substructure: Serious condition
Sufficiency Rating: 7.6

The NBI report goes on to say that the structural elements of the bridge are “Basically intolerable, requiring high priority of corrective action.” The upside is that the deck geometry meets “minimum tolerable limits” - so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

Ultimately, the recommendation is “Replacement of bridge or other structure because of substandard load carrying capacity or substantial bridge roadway geometry” with an estimated cost of work at $33,754,000.

The keyword there is probably replacement, and not, you know, just continue to endlessly slap a few Band-Aids on the problem while blocking up traffic for miles every few months.

The bridge's highest Sufficiency Rating on record was 42.9 in Jully of 1998 and 2000. One year later, in August of 2001, the rating dropped 18 points to 24.9, where it remained for six years before plummeting another 15 points to 9.9 in 2009, followed by a drop to 6.6 in May 2013.

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