It seems as if Hurricane Jose has been hanging around since last hurricane season. It hasn't but the storm has been on the National Hurricane Center radar since the Labor Day Weekend. Today, the system is posing a bit of a threat to the Mid Atlantic coastline of the United States.

Tropical Storm Watches have been posted from the Delmarva peninsula to Cape Cod. It doesn't appear as if those areas will suffer a direct hit from Jose. It is most likely that region will see higher surf, some storm surge, plus wind and rain from the system as it should stay far enough off the coast.

The forecast track for Jose brings the system northward parallel with the East Coast. The system is then expected to do another loop just off of New England. The system is forecast to weaken over time.


Hurricane Maria could add insult to injury. The storm system is currently on a forecast track that would bring it over the Lesser Antilles. Many of those islands were devastated by Hurricane Irma just a few days ago.

Maria, like Irma, is expected to become a major hurricane as it moves through the smaller islands and then over Puerto Rico and very close to the Dominican Republic.

Tropical models are suggesting that Maria should not be an issue in the Gulf of Mexico. The latest model runs suggest the system will turn north to the east of Florida. The system could come dangerously close to to the U.S. mainland although a direct impact is looking less likely at this time.

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