Tensions have been very high across South Louisiana over the past several days. What we thought was going to be a rainy day on Friday turned into a deluge that lasted well into Saturday in some sections of our state. Many of us stood in our homes, listened to the radio, watched TV reports, and felt very helpless as the water approached our doorstep.

For some of us the water came within inches of invading our inner sanctum. Others found themselves with wet carpets, damaged furniture, or even worse. The water is still rising in many parts of South Louisiana. The flood is not over yet. However, one of the hardest aspects of a disaster such as this is dealing with your own personal feelings. 

Many of us have had feelings of anger, sadness, despair, and panic. More than a few people I have talked with over the past few days have related sleep problems and even disturbing dreams. Those feelings are quite common. While they are unsettling, they are simply your way of dealing with these disasters. The bigger issues come when these feelings don't start to subside with the flood waters.

Should you be experiencing an emotional flood in relation to the rising waters here are some things you can do to help yourself find your center.

1.Talk it out - Find a close friend or relative and tell them how you are feeling. Often what we keep bottled up is not nearly as big once it is said out loud.

2.Exercise - Even if it's just a jumping jack or two in the living room or a couple of toe touches. These physical activity helps rid the body of the hormones that build up because of stress.

3.Get Into The Now - Quite often we project into the future. Most of us project a far dismal future than what is reality. If you can pull back your feelings into what is happening at the moment. You will find that the picture isn't so large and you can handle the situation better.

4 Eat Well - Now is not the time to binge eat food that is not healthy for you. Many of us do eat when we are stressed. If possible have healthy snacks such as fruit available. Keeping your physical body centered is a great way to keep your mental center as well.

5 Get Some Counseling - Should you find you're still having issues with this epic event. You won't be alone. Many companies offer employee assistance when it comes to counseling. There are mental health professionals that are more than willing and capable of extending to you the tools you need to cope with your feelings.

Don't kid yourself about how you feel. You are entitled to your feelings and don't let anyone else tell you how to feel. We all cope with situations such as this differently. This is a major event. For a lot of us the threat to our family and our homes has been very real. You're not weak by seeking help. You would truly be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't try to become the best that you can be.

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