The rumor mill started churning a few weeks ago about Hobby Lobby in Lake Charles not returning to its location on Highway 14 and Prien Lake Road. Where would we buy our wall decorations and baskets now? More specifically, where would be get our Mardi Gras decorations each year?

Some began to say a friend of a friend's cousin's uncle's cat said it was going to actually move into the Prien Lake Mall. Although that sounds like a win for the mall and the fact that we could have a two-story Hobby Lobby, it was quickly dismissed by a few employees of the mall. Now where would it go? Hobby Lobby emailed it had finally found a place to go on Prien Lake Road and that the paper work was all done and ready.

The American Press actually grabbed the story about where the hobby store is moving to. According to the article, the brand new store is being built at 1660 West Prien Lake Road. For those of us that don't quite know where that is, it will be located near Target. That's right, you can now go to Target and Hobby Lobby without having to drive across town.

The area is being built up as a part of a new shopping area. Currently, La-Z-Boy sits on one corner, now Hobby Lobby will sit on the opposite side as a gateway into the new area being built. According to the article, Hobby Lobby will boast 55,000 square feet of hobby goodness. Opening day is set for Thanksgiving 2021.

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