Hello. I am sure by the mere suggestion of a greeting I have offended someone. We are really quick to get offended in the nation these days, aren't we? Let's be real some of the offense is justified. Some of it just people looking for a way to attract attention to themselves in a most unsettling way.

This display at a Hobby Lobby Store is the latest to come under fire.

As you can see Facebook user Daniell Rider is offended by these cotton stalks.

While I absolutely understand the spirit of Ms. Rider's issue I think the platform she has chosen might not be the best way to communicate her ideas. If we're going to disallow dried cotton stalks then we will have to disallow pumpkins, scarecrows, corn stalks, bamboo stalks, and a lot of other decorative items that could have at one time been propagated by slave labor.

I wonder if Ms. Rider has contemplated her own wardrobe. I think she's wearing a cotton garment in her profile picture. I wonder if the athletic shoes in her closet were created by "slaves" of this century in some third world hell hole factory.

I guess my point is this. Let's not look so hard to find things that are offensive to us. Let's look at moving past what once was and try not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

For the record Ms. Rider my family owes it livelihood to cotton. When I look at those dried cotton stalks I see the hard work my parents and grandparents put into the land to make a living for their family. I see a testament to hard work and I am not offended.

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