I know construction crews are good at what they do, but I just don't see how they are going to be able to pull this one, off. In April, we wrote about the new location of the Lake Charles Hobby Lobby being moved to West Prien Lake Road next to the Lazy Boy store. The idea behind this move was to get it in a more central part of town and have it be the gateway into a new shopping area that is being developed.

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The opening day according to the American Press and Hobby Lobby was set to be on Thanksgiving of this year. If you have passed by the construction site lately, you would probably agree with me on not seeing how that is even possible. I have been wrong before, and lord knows I am certainly no expert on building anything at all. The dirt work is down, and it does appear that there is a slab there now, I just don't see how we will get our Hobby Lobby fix in for Thanksgiving.

People are currently even driving out of town to other Hobby Lobbys to get their fix in. I have to admit, I do miss it terribly. There have been plenty of times in the last few months I have wanted to go there for a thing or two, only to realize that I had to settle for somewhere else. I have tried to look for other updates on if the opening date has been pushed back, but it is all still saying that the 55,000 square foot crafting heaven will be open during Thanksgiving of this year. Don't bet your gobbler on it.

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