It is the height of the Summer travel season. It is the Fourth of July and we Americans love to celebrate our freedom by hitting the road. If you find yourself stuck in traffic along I-10 headed toward the beach  you can't say it was unexpected.

Officials with the American Automobile Association speculate that about 42 million of us will be in our cars and on the road this holiday weekend.

Dan Redman with AAA says the fact that the holiday falls on a weekend will add to the numbers but he feels there are other factors at play.

But still it is also a sign that people have a little more confidence in the economy, at least for this summer.

Redman made his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network. He also suggested that lower gas prices are another reason that so many travelers will be hitting the holiday road this weekend.

AAA has noted that gas prices alone don't determine whether or not people travel but this is a little bit different because we've actually seen gas prices a dollar cheaper than they were a year ago

Regardless of where you roam you can expect to pay a little less for gas than you did last year. You can also expect crowded roadways and interstate highways especially those that lead to popular summer travel destinations.

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