On Saturday, July 4th, 2015, Winn Dixie stores nationwide will donate "every cent of every dollar of profit to the Wounded Warrior Project." That's a huge contribution to an organization that helps injured service members and provides programs and services that meet their needs.

If you aren't able to shop or won't be shopping on Independence Day, you can make a donation at the register when you do or donate online.

Winn Dixie operates 790 stores in the five southeastern states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana. They employ over 70,000 people.

Most of us are aware of a Winn Dixie store near us, but if you aren't, their website has a store locator.

If you're going to be shopping this 4th of July, consider doing it where it may help those who paid the price for our freedom. That price has been and is being paid daily by the men and women who put their lives on the line every day so we can grill burgers in the backyard, pop a top on a cold beer, or enjoy a few days at the beach. The cost was higher for those who are living with physical or mental challenges today, and doing so with unfailing courage.

God Bless America. And God Bless Our Troops.

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